Past Productions

performedplaydirected by
Nov/Dec 2023The CloudspotterMartin P. Koob
Nov 2023Guest Show: U2 Acoustic TributeMARKOUSTIQUE
Sep/Oct 20233 Monster PlaysFlorian Siebrecht
Stefan Hennig
Jun 2023Tea at FiveMartin P. Koob
Mar 2023The CloudspotterMartin P. Koob
Oct 2022A Song at TwilightMartin P. Koob
Rosemary Bock
May 2022The Waiting RoomJoana Amaral
Christoph Schucht
Hannah L. Theis
Oct 2021Online Cheese and Wine Tasting by Soroptimist International
with entertainement by the Keller Theatre
Martin P. Koob
Sept 2021The Secret Lives of Henry & AliceRosemary Bock
Martin P. Koob
Sept 2020Tea at FiveMartin P. Koob
Feb/Mar 2020Brilliant TracesWade Gonsoulin
Nov/Dec 2019Charley’s AuntMartin P. Koob
Rosemary Bock
Oct 2019Carouselvarious
May/Jun 2019A Midsummer Night’s DreamMartin P. Koob
Feb/March 2019The LoverFlorian Siebrecht
Joana Amaral
Nov/Dec 2018The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas CarolChristoph Schucht
Sep/Oct 2018Curtain up on MurderMaria Valentina Kiefer
Alexander-Lars Dallmann
Apr/May 2018Run for your WifeMartin P. Koob
Feb/Mar 2018The Glass MenagerieRosemary Bock
Nov/Dec 2017NunsenseMartin P. Koob
Sep/Oct 2017The MousetrapFlorian Siebrecht
Maria Valentina Kiefer