Our History

Founded in 1958, the Keller Theatre is the oldest English-language theatre in Germany. It was run by the American forces as part of their entertainment branch.

It was always open to anyone who wanted to participate in community theatre, the “Keller family”, regardless of their nationality or language background.

The name originates from the first space used – the basement (Keller) of the Miller Hall in Giessen. In 1994, the performance venue changed to Rödgener Strasse 64.

In 2007, when the US base was closed, the theatre passed into the hands of the friends of the Keller Theatre e.V. We continued the good work without a break, using facilities in various parts of the town.

Our “home” is now the Kleine Bühne, where most of our shows are staged.

Rödgener Str. 64