The Cloudspotter

a play by Michael Harnett

Fri 24 Nov 2023
Sat 25 Nov 2023
Fri 1 Dec 2023
Sat 2 Dec 2023

at 7.30 pm

Kleine Bühne, Bleichstraße 28, 35390 Gießen

Cast in order of appearance



Jannik Schurmann

Thomas Macken


Benjamin Stephen Smith

Nan, Thomas' grandmother


Angelika von Kittlitz und Ottendorf

Annie, Thomas' aunt


Friederike Baur

Creative Team



Martin P. Koob

Assistant Directors & Stage Management


Cas Kranzbühler

Technical Assistance & Sound Qs


Lothar Silbe

 Original Song "Sunshine" and other music


Alexander-Lars Dallmann

Props, Costumes


The Cast, Crew and friends of the Keller Theatre

About the author & the play

Michael Harnett is an author and playwright. Several of his plays have been produced by RTÉ, Ireland’s national television company.

The Cloudspotter opened in Spring 2022 and has been presented at several theatres across Dublin and other places around Ireland. It was also shown at the Five Lamps Arts Festival – and now gets it premiere outside of Ireland at the Keller Theatre.


The action mostly takes place in the kitchen of a council flat/duplex in Dublin, North East Inner City (Five Lamps). The time is now.

Thomas and his Nan live together. He’s still a teenager. She’s in her sixties. She took him in after his mother died. He’s nowhere else to go. Nan’s becoming forgetful. Leaves the front door open. Loses her phone and her glasses. But Thomas doesn’t worry. Hasn’t he just landed a part in a murder mystery film? Or has he? And shortly he’ll be heading for Hollywood. And more! He’ll be taking Nan with him. But reality strikes when Nan is caught with a kettle under her coat in a shop.

Special Thanks to

  • Michael J. Harnett for such a wonderful piece of storytelling,
  • Eileen Glackin for pointing out this play and establishing contact with Michael,
  • “Natascha’s Blumenparadies”, Gedern, for the wreaths,
  • and “Trödlerherz Suvi & Christian”, Laubach, for the armchair.