The Secret Lives of Henry & Alice

A comedy by David Tristram

28 August, 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 19 (Sun) September 2021

Hermann-Levi-Saal – Konzertsaal im Rathaus
Berliner Platz 1

With the kind support of

This amateur production of The Secret Lives of Henry & Alice is presented by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals GmbH


Alice Smith


Linda Krug

Henry Smith


Stefan Hennig

Orca created by


Alexandra Hartmann-Flechtner

Creative Team

Directed by


Rosemary Bock

Co Director


Martin P. Koob

Light, sound, set design


Lothar Silbe

Light and sound operators


Bianca Kleinrensing, Lothar Silbe

Orca’s portrait


Alexandra Hartmann-Flechtner

Scary music and Orca’s song composed by


Stefan Hennig

Music performed by


Martin P. Koob, Stefan Hennig

Props, Costumes


The Cast, Crew and friends of the Keller Theatre

About the Play

Henry and Alice, married for longer than they can remember, are slipping into middle age along with their goldfish, Orca. Henry either sits in front of the TV or goes down to the pub, while Alice is left at home with the housework. Communication does not come into it. In other words, life is boring; or is it?

Henry has no idea what goes through Alice’s head and Alice doesn’t know what Henry is thinking. We, the audience, are allowed to find out.

Join them at home, on holiday, and wherever it is their minds go in one of the funniest shows on earth.

About the author

David Tristram (born in 1957) is one of the UK’s most popular and performed comedy playwrights. He studied English and music and became a commercial copywriter before turning to comedy. In 1985 he founded the Flying Ducks Theatre Company, now a professional touring company.

The author claims he writes only comedy because he can’t take himself too seriously. His work has been performed in many countries throughout the world.

Apart from his plays, David Tristram has written a comedy novel entitled A Bolt from the Blue, the musical Sex, Drugs & Rick and Noel and made three films. He is also well-known in Britain for his work in Pantomime (family comedy shows at Christmas).