by Michael J. Harnett

A story of how the wisdom of age and the courage of the young can face adversary and triumph.

Thu 6 June
Fri 7 June
Sat 8 June

at 7.30 pm (doors open at 7 pm)

Kleine Bühne, Bleichstraße 28, 35390 Gießen

About the play

Anna (16) is spending mid-term break with Grandad, who lives alone in the East Wall in Dublin. But Anna is having real problems. Her parents are not getting on and she is being secretly bullied. Sinister texts, fake invites and nasty online images are making her life hell.

Grandad too is not having it easy. The gas company are about to cut him off. His bank is bouncing payments. And he can’t get answers to any of his questions.

BULLIED is a cross-generational play with two people, 50 years apart in age, facing up to, and finally challenging the online and secret world of cyber communication

PERFORMED BY: Vinnie McCabe and Shauna Brennan

DIRECTED BY: Vinnie McCabe

What they said about Bullied

  • “An engaging slice of life” – Irish Independent
  • “Harnett is a master of charmingly realistic dialogue” – Sunday Independent
  • “Both actors create beautiful sensitive moments” – The Hub
  • “Grandad is a perfect match for Vinnie McCabe” – Mail on Sunday
  • “Perfectly poised . . . beautifully rendered” – Theatre Review

Vinnie McCabe reads:

The Noble Call

by Michael J. Harnett

Sat 8 June — Matinee (Coffee & Snacks)

at 10 am (doors open at 9.30 am)

Kleine Bühne, Bleichstraße 28, 35390 Gießen

About the play

When Mona, the eldest daughter, discovers a family secret and confronts her terminally-ill father who’s living in a hospice, he, after repeatedly denying any knowledge of the reality, finally admits to the painful truth. The ensuing battle of wits yields a powerful exploration of the trauma that can surface when life is drawing towards its final scene.

About Vinnie McCabe

Vinnie McCabe (or Vincent McCabe) is an Irish actor, director, producer from the East Wall area of Dublin. Trained in Abbey and Dublin Drama Center.

For his performance in Michael J. Harnett’s screenplay of The Noble Call, Vinnie McCabe was nominated for an IFTA (The Irish Film & Television Academy – Awards).

Vinnie McCabe is known for his participation in the films Michael Collins (1996), Game of Thrones (2011) and The Run of the Country (1995).

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