Covid-19 regulations

If you are experiencing signs of illness yourself which might point to an infection with Covid-19 (fever, cold, cough or similar), please stay at home and do not visit our performances. People diagnosed with Covid-19 within the last 14 days are not allowed to visit our performances, either. The same goes for people who have been in contact with a person who is infected with Covid-19 (documented or assumed).

In light of the current situation regarding the Covid-19 restrictions we have decided NOT to use our own venue (the Kleine Buehne) on show nights with an audience, for the time being. Thanks to the Kulturamt Giessen, we will perform our next two shows at the Hermann-Levi-Saal (at city hall, Berliner Platz). This – more spacious – venue allows us to put Covid-19 regulations into practice. Due to the dynamic nature of this situation and the changing restrictions regarding this pandemic, the ability to adjust is key. Therefore we have decided to announce the dates for this season one show at a time, letting you know as soon as we are able to schedule.

We are constantly revising the following hygiene concept and will keep you updated on this site as we approach the opening night. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us; your safety is our highest priority.

Hygiene concept for our performances at Hermann-Levi-Saal

Stick to hygiene regulations at all times

Be considerate to other visitors as well as our staff by following the sneeze and cough etiquette, keep a sufficient distance from other people around you (at least 1.50 meters) and, of course, wash your hands regularly. Please feel free to use our disinfectant placed in the entrance area.

Mouth and nose cover

Within the venue it is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose cover. Please bring your own mask.

Seating arrangements

The approved seating arrangements at the Hermann-Levi-Saal allow no more than 40 people to sit in the auditorium. You can choose your own seats. 

Identification requirements & personal data 

We ask you to fill out your contact information (name and surname, address, email address and telephone number by which we can contact you) on site. Clean pencils will be provided which you are welcome to keep afterwards, or you can use a pen of your own. One of our helpers will be in the available at all times, answer questions and collect the registration forms. 

As we are obliged to ensure that chains of infection can be traced in the event of suspicion, we keep the participants’ contact information in accordance with Art. 5 DSGVO. Observing the principles of data protection law, the files will be destroyed four weeks after the show night.


We will sell a small variety of drinks in bottles. 

Sanitary facilities

A maximum of two people are allowed to use the sanitary facilities at the same time. Please do not remove your mouth and nose cover in these rooms.

Further information

All neuralgic points or rather areas in our facilities will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily. We are implementing all the medical recommendations which have been given by the authorities concerning social interaction and cooperation with other people. The recommendations will be checked daily and updated accordingly. We are informing our helpers about these instructions and recommendations.

You can find further information, rules of conduct and recommendations about protection from Coronavirus on the website of Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung: