Merry Christmas

Dear friends of the Keller Theatre,

Dear Theatregoers,

this year took us by surprise, all of us have had our fair share of
adjustments, frustration and loneliness. But I hope, you also found
something that gave you strength, made you laugh and helped you focus on
things that made you happy.

I am gratefully that two of our shows made it to the stage in 2020:
“Brilliant Traces” acted as an emotional prelude and little did we know,
how the motif of isolation would preoccupy us in the months to come. We
were in luck with “Tea at Five”, not only did we have a one-woman show
waiting in the wings but the Kulturamt Gießen invited us to perform at
the Hermann-Levi-Saal, thus helping us to provide a more spacious venue
to keep the audience and the actress as safe as possible.

We would have loved to see more of you, dear audience, dear actors, dear
crew members and dear helpers, merry Christmas and we can’t wait for our
next reunion, in better and healthier times.

And the preparations for it are in progress: the rehearsals for our next
show, “The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice” have already started, which
we hope to perform for you in spring 2021.

I wish you and your loved ones MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND HEALTHY

Kind regards,
Maria Valentina Kiefer

on behalf of
the friends of the Keller Theatre e.V.